Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cade is amazing!

Its been awhile since I posted any updates. And I am so happy to report that Cade is doing wonderfully! He currently continues to get OT and PT every other week and his OT, Kim, said today if he continues to progress so well until he's walking her services may no longer be necessary!!! As sad as it would be to say goodbye to Kim, it would also be great for Cade to graduate from OT for now.
Cade can say about 20 diff words (I made a list this week!) He is picking up 1 word a week it seems and today his latest addition was "toast" and "egg" bc he gets a great breakfast every morning like a lil prince! Only the best for Caders!!
He is pulling up to everything and cruising and transitioning to everything. He hasn't taken any steps solo but I bet is only a matter of a month or so.
He understands commands "like give the puppy a hug" or "give kisses" or "where is your car or milk?" Socially he is a very happy and interactive guy. We are all convinced he knows how cute he is bc he uses to his advantage often!
Recently we took a trip to FL to see my family and meet all my sisters and his Grandpa. It was a special trip I will cherish forever. Here he is tuckered out on the airplane ride

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