Monday, May 16, 2011

Cade said his 1st 6 word sentence!

This weekend Caders said "I throw the ball to Mia!" He typically speaks in 3-4 word sentences. Never 5 words that I know of unless he is repeating what you say. But this he said on his own. I was really surprised. The language is taking off for him. He had a great weekend. Friday he went to the Circus at the CSU grounds with his cousins, Grandma, Aunt and Uncle and Dad. Evan said he was a little nervous about taking the pony ride and laughed nervously and then cried. Saturday he got to play all evening with his buddies at Dezi and Jeff's new home, which is lovely. While he did play independently some of the time, he did partake in some basketball with the kids and dad's at one point. I think he realizes the other kids play a little bit rough compared to what he is used to. Sunday he spent the day in his jammies, so it was one of those comfy days at home. We hope everyone had a great weekend also.


  1. Go Cade!! That is SO awesome Carri! :)

  2. And I can't believe Cade is almost 2!!