Thursday, May 12, 2011

Checking in

Hello, Just checking in as its been awhile. We are all doing great getting ready for Summer to be here:) I am back to working 5 days a week now, which is bittersweet. I just returned from a 5 day trip to Dallas, TX where all my sisters and mother gathered for a girls weekend. What a blessing for my mother to have all her daughters together on Mother's Day!!  Evan is keeping busy with his new endeavours, keeping up on his goals and gym routines, and generally keeping very busy.  Cade is walking everywhere, starting to JUMP and RUN as well. He can now successfully get up from when he falls on his own. Before he would crawl over to furniture to help himself up. He's growing up so fast now I think his going to daycare 3-4 days a week now is really helping with his development. He loves to play "batketball" (basketball) and is getting the idea of catching the ball too. He is an outdoor guy to the max. Rain or shine this kids would live outside if we would let him. Its been a rainy week so I feel sorry for Ms. Rhonda (his daycare provider).  Below are some recent photos of our soon to be 2 year old! Although from the looks of it he has his license already! LOL.

Cade loves brushing his teeth in the AM when he sees us doing it too 
he loves using his step stool to do it himself, he refuses any help! 
Cade and on the Rio patio on a warm week day, he loves to "dip it" and dip his chip in the salsa no matter how hot, he must have got that thing for hot foods from me! 
Messy face dude after a helping of yummy black beans 
We hope that everyone is doing well, Cheers!

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