Monday, July 25, 2011

Couponing #1:

I know we’ve all heard about those crazy couponers who “stockpile” 4 years worth of TP, or Ramen noodle packages. I’m not looking to do that per say, but I have always been sort of envious and intrigued by those who save thousands and thousands of dollars a year on the real necessities. I’d really love get our TP, toothpaste and deodorants for FREE! And in this recession why not TRY to save us some money?

A few months ago I watched an episode of TLC’s “extreme couponing,” now those people are stockpiling hoarders IMO. Not all; some do donate to food banks or to needy friends and families but those that stock up on 4 years of TP, come on!
Anyhow I feel as if I keep getting reminders of these couponers and today yet again I saw an article on on a local blogger who started a blog called
I started reading her resources and decided I’m going to put it to the test. I’m going to follow her how-to’s and invest my time a few hours a week to getting my hands on these free toiletries and great deals she speaks of. I want to be that person who never pays for her pricey toiletries again!  So embarked on my MIL to donate to me her weekly coupon inserts.

My 1st attempt at using coupons. The website instructed me that Walgreens currently has a JULY savings book on top of their weekly coupon flyer.

Here is what I purchased:

WG brand foil: $1.39 -.70 WG coupon = .69 didn’t even realize this was on coupon sale. do your research!

Feria Hair color: $9.99-2.00WG coupon= 6.99

Elmo Sippy Cup: $3.49 on clearance .87 I know this isn’t a coupon but that is a steal!

Hyland Allergy Kids: $7.99-2.00WG coupon=5.99

TOTAL before Coupons: $22.86 TOTAL After Coupons: $14.54 TOTAL Savings: $8.32 36% savings

Ok so I’m no pro yet….but it’s a decent start on all things that we actually needed!

Wish me luck on my next endeavor.

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