Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY growth chat~I need, I want!!

As a child I recall my own parents measuring us periodically on the walls of our home. But as we moved so much those memories were lost. Evan is lucky that his parents have been in the same home since he was in elementary school so they charted him and his friends growth on the wall in their kitchen, which they have now added a frame to as a piece of art in their kitchen, I LOVE this idea so much! BC Lets face it we aren't getting any taller now as full grown adults. They even started a column in their home to now chart the grandchildren's growth, so adorable. The likely hood of us staying in this home is nill. So I think its time to make a  DIY growth chart like such: 
I think this will be not only a great keepsake but a cute decor item for his room! 
and I pretty much have everything on hand except the wood which I know my IL's will have so it could essentially be a FREE project! WOOT.

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