Sunday, September 4, 2011

DIY coffee filter wreath

A wreath, its not Christmas time! I've overcome my thought that wreath's are a holiday only decor item! There is something very whimsical and romantic about the ruffles that a coffee filter makes. So when I saw a DIY coffee filter wreath idea, I decided what an inexpensive, yet clean, decorative idea it was. Just google it and you can find many tutorials. And its not rocket science people, very easy to do!
I ended up using straight pins instead of the painful hot glue gun!
My project costs:
$1.00 foam wreath from dollar store
.87 100 count coffee filters (Target)
1.67 pins
TOTAL: 3.54
I wasn't able to find the brown coffee filters but am loving the cripness of the WHITE anyways. I think you can add a pop of color by adding a nice satin ribbon to hang it.
I'm not 100% sure  love it here but i
Give it a try.

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