Sunday, October 2, 2011

my Ring....

The story behind my e-ring is that is belonged to my husbands grandmothers cousin Beulla's sister?, did you catch all that? yeah, its a lot to take in any whooooo. The ring got passed on to Evan's mom who passed it onto him. Apparently as  child Ev loved to go into his mom's jewelry box and "play" with this ring. So when it got passed onto him to give to me I felt very honored. I would never have imagined this ring for me, but once it was given to me it was "all me!" And what's funny is this antique style ring has become trendy and there are a ton or replicas out there. I was fortunate enough to have the real story and history behind my ring. I was looking on tonight and saw this ring: 
Antique Diamond...
and then my ring: 


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