Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One year since I lost my Dad....sigh will it ever get better?

I can't believe its been an entire year (and then some) since I've spoken to my Dad last. I miss him dearly. I still tear up when I hear James Taylor "you've got a friend" or when I see a vanilla sky (which is very common here in COLORADO). Or when Cade does something amazing (which is pretty much daily/weekly) and I want nothing more than to call my dad to share these details with him.   He would be so happy and say in his sweet soft voice something like "that's great baby, he's smart just like you!"  I try very hard to convince myself that he is experiencing all this with me but via heaven. But I miss him, I do. I feel sort of robbed to have lost my father at only 32 and he only 62. 
Ironically, we, Evan and I are headed to FL tomorrow exactly one year since my father's passing also in FL. But this time we go for a joyous occassion. To participate and celebrate in my BFF 's wedding.  While I hope to try to make the best of it I can't help but still mourn the loss my Dad exactly one year later, when will it ever get easier? sigh......

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  1. Big hugs to you friend...I can only imagine how hard it must be. I'm sure you are still grieving and the process takes a lot of time. You have such great memories of him and he is definitely looking down on you and Cade. When I start to miss my Grandparents I think about the fact that now I have them with me all the time and that is a really great feeling. :)