Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DIY silhouette picture

I have really been wanting to make a Silhouette picture of Cade for our front entry (collage of pics).
I took a side profile pic of my baby, printed it at home on cardstock. Cut out the pic painted it black and then glued it to an old Xmas box that was white. Then I placed the white cut out into an existing frame I had on hand and hung it up. Super easy and free if you happen to have those things on hand. Cade's head is pretty large so it didn't all make it into the frame but the important part is his cut button nose and lips profile fit! I also took a silver maker and wrote Cade 2011 in the corner. Great idea to add to your decor. Sorry for the crappy pics they are from my iphone at night with no flash.

This is what the front entry wall looks like now, I am constantly changing it up...

This is the actual pic of Cade that I used to make my silhouette.

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