Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today is our 6th anniversary! Can you believe it? 6. 
WOW that sounds like a lot, and is, some relationships don't make it this far.
While it hasn't always been easy or fun,
we have had good times, very good times.
Living life with your BFF makes everything more than OK.
I feel so blessed to have this Loyal and whacky man as my BFF.

Here is a photo collage of our past to present...
One of our first few dates: bowling-ah young and in love!
Halloween: Vegas dealer and cocktail Waitress

Wedding Day April 15, 2006

Get down Ev!

2nd Anniversary 2008:

Family Photo 2009

Family photo 2010

We are the:

Love you honey bunny! Here's to forever more...
Cheers, Carri

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