Sunday, April 15, 2012


It's been awhile since I posted about any recipes so here goes:

This is one of our fav pizza's to have. We use pre-made crust-Bobboli (gasp) to save some time, and use Basil vs. Arugula.  The basil just takes more fitting with this
sweet yet salty pizza.
Try it, you will not be sorry.

Today, I also made some homemade ranch: 
1 cup Dannon Oikos plain nonfat greek yogurt
1 packet hidden valley ranch (dressing, not dip)
1/2 cup 1% milk
Whisk together in bowl and chill for 1 hour before serving. As you can see below this filled my canning jar. There is a lot of talk about HOW much milk to use, to get the right consistency and I found this dead on for 'regular' ranch or any other creamy dressing.

The best part....this ENTIRE jar of dressing, is only 255 calories, 1.75 grams of fat, 42 carbs and 34 protein. That calculates to 8pts on the new points plus system. For an entire jar of dressing. I would hazard a guess that this would yield about 20-24 servings.
Cade and I also made some oatmeal choc chip cookies, our favs.
We have a care package to take to a friend tomorrow
so today I was getting some things made for them also. 
Thanks to my coworker, Kim I have been craving iced Chai Tea.
Not loving the $5 price tag at Starbucks though.
So I bought some decaf (of course) chai tea bags and made my own iced version
(pic care of:
2 tea bags, 1/2 cup milk heat until dark enough, 1 packet splenda
then popped into the freezer to chill.
Yummy treat for me!
The tea bags were $2.29 for 20 bags at Kings, so much kinder to my wallet!

I feel ultra productive today and made up our weekly meal plan list:
Tonight we are having Filet with sauteed mushrooms and bleu cheese cob salad (hey, its our anniversary so we are living it up tonight.)
Home made chx noodle soup its been chilly here so this sounds yummy!
Pork chops with Pears and Bleu cheese
Lemon Salmon with rice and scallions
General Tso's Chx
Cod Fish Fry-never made this, I think Ev's going to cook this one

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Cheers, Carri


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  2. Ooh thanks for sharing this ranch recipe! I absolutely love ranch but I know it isn't good for me. Definitely going to try this!