Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas part 3-Cade's Santa loot

Cade must have been a mighty good boy this year,
bc Santa was very good to him!!

 I can't even pin point his favorite item.
He seemed to go from toy to toy all day long.
No nap of course, so he's in bed asleep by 7pm tonight.
We are a Jeep family. Ev and I both have Jeeps and Cade has his mini Jeep
so it was only fitting Santa brought a Jeep bike. 

next up was the infamous Lite Brite. 
I mean who didn't have one of these as a kid??

he absolutely loves this in conjunction with his new night light that glows
the planets on the ceiling of his room.
I think this bad boy is more Ev's toy than Cade's.
But darn it Santa didn't bring enough double AA batts to get this one running today.
Maybe tomorrow... when I run out to the shops.
I realized today as we tried to play this game, he's still too young.
but its a great learning game so I'm excited for the day when he gets it.
Thomas the train, puzzle, 3.5 yr old boy-need I say more, Nice pick Santa!

Even Sister made out!

We've had a truly blessed day.
So fun to see Christmas through a child's eye's.  

We hope that your family also had a blessed holiday.

Cheers, Carri

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