Thursday, January 3, 2013


Wow I can't believe I'm coming into my 27nd week of pregnancy. I feel great! I get tired and have sore feet if I'm out and about too much. But for the most part I feel good. I recall feeling horrible at this stage with Cade so I'm counting my blessings bc I know those miserable uncomfortable days are coming.
So far so good. Some info about this pregnancy;
Passed my glucose test-yippee!!
Weight: up 15lbs-yikes
Measuring: half week behind even though I feel larger this time than with Cade
Belly button: outtie now
Stretch marks: none that I can see!
Movement from baby: frequent
Names: nothing officially set, it's hard coming up for one for each sex. Ev and I can't seem to agree. I have my picks if I could convince him.
3 months to go!!

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