Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hitting a wall

I think the hormones have taken over.
I know they have taken over! I'm usually not a crier or type of gal to let things bother me for too long. But the comments you get toward the end of a pregnancy, while they are meant to be in good fun, or light hearted to a 8 month pregnant woman they don't feel that way anymore.
The waterworks came on fully after some comments recently.
Having a baby is hard work. Not only is your body tired and stretched out from making a human but you gain lbs. while I'm on track to gaining the same 35lbs I did with Cade it doesn't make it any easier.
Call me vain but I look different, I do. My face which already consisted of giant chipmunk cheeks pre pregnancy now has chipmunk cheeks on roids. So not cute. I get it. I keep trying to tell myself that as I get ready each day and don't like how I look in the mirror. But it's hard,it really is. Having no control over how large you are getting is very hard to handle for me. On top of lbs comes the last month swelling. I think they say women's noses even swell or grow?? I totally can tell in the pics just before I had Cade my nose did swell or grow. Also not cute.
I know the family, friends and coworkers around me mean no harm. Heck a month ago I may have laughed with them at myself. But I'm to that fragile point now. So let this be a reminder that maybe you shouldn't say any comments to a very pregnant woman about their size.
It may just make them cry.

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