Thursday, February 21, 2013

Savoring this moment

As I'm rounding out my last 6 weeks pregnant I'm becoming a bit of a sap. Sorta sad that I won't know this feeling ever again.
This will be the last time I get to feel life inside me, the lil kicks, hiccups (just started this week which I read is baby's lungs getting ready for life on earth) thumps within me. Daydreaming about the moment when they announce to us if its a boy or a girl in that ER. The moment we will lay eyes on each other and fall in love instantaneously.
That moment when Cade will get to meet his lil "Brodder" or sister. I can just see him now walking into the hospital room all embarrassed and shy as all eyes will be on him. Waiting to see his reaction as he has his tongue stuck out, like he does when he's shy.
What will it be like to instantly love two babies?? The sweet smell only a new born possesses-oh that smell.
That feeling of being needed so desperately to maintain life. Scary but I'm ready.
I guess you can say I've been nesting lately too. It's pretty cool how Mother Nature kicks in to your tired butt and you get stuff done. I've washed all the baby clothes, blankets and car seat cover which is in the back of the Jeep now. I found the gender neutral outfit we brought Cade home in and I intend to use the same outfit for this bebe too. Organized my junk drawer, utensils drawer, tupperware, closets. Sounds like a lot but I've spread it out doing one thing a weekend. I like to plan like that. I have stashed away my merry maids gift cert that I won for my creepy Halloween costume (see pic) and plan on having the entire house deep cleaned the week before baby arrives.
Oh did I tell you that I'm off work starting march 28 my bday!! Yippee. I plan on relaxing as much as possible. And lovin on Cade as much as possible as he will not be at daycare anymore. It will be the last time we'll be a family of 3 and just he and I can do "projects" together. He loves projects. Nana has bought him some fun projects i plan on doing with him!!
Anticipating the end of this pregnancy I have been daydreaming of a few selfish things for myself: wearing normal clothes again, wearing heels again, sleeping on my tummy, wait sleeping yeah right I guess I mean laying on my tummy! Red wine, sushi, picking Cade up. Things like that I have really missed!
6 weeks to go, let the countdown begin!!

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