Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Getting fit

It's been forever since I blogged or updated about my fitness, weightloss journey. So far so good. It's true what they say-eating right and exercising consistently does render REAL results. (Imagine that!). 
I've got 3lbs to go to get back to my pre-preg weight. I'm hoping not to stop there either. I wanna keep going, I will keep going! 
So far I've really been good (except this wk hasn't been so good) about eating clean and low carb, less alcohol etc. that and jogging really has helped. I've never been "that" person to love running. I wanted desperately to love it but really I despised it. Something clicked with me bc now I really do like it. I'm reluctant to say "love" it so we will just go with "like" it. I found that actually getting out of the house, away from all the chores, kids and mounds of responsibilities- jogging was just the escape I needed. 
And seeing results was the best thing ever! 
My old clothes fit perfectly again. 
And I recently purchased size 4 jeans-woot!
I'm not gonna lie. I have good weeks and bad weeks. This is a bad week. In that I've had some homemade cookies that Cade and I made Sunday, and I haven't run since last week. But instead of beating myself up over it and giving up I've realized you just do what you can, when you can. Having a family, and 2 jobs will get crazy. You just get back on track when you can. 
And with this view, who wouldn't like to get out??
And sweet Cade made me a trophy one day when I got back from my run. He said "good job on your run mommy!" Evan said he did it all on his own too. 
Here's my trophy. 

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