Wednesday, October 16, 2013

6mo photo shoot

So the day has come for Garris' 6 mo photo shoot. I had an idea (from Pinterest) to incorporate a giant bowl of Cheerios. With Adrienne's help at executing this we came up with these: 
Of course G was trying to eat the cereal. But he's not quite ready for that yet. He's mastered sitting up solo. Grabs at things pretty well, holds his own bottle. He loves watching Cade play. He smiles and babbles on and on. Now that we've moved him out of our room, I'm sleeping much better!  G has woken most nights and fussed once or twice but typically does fall back asleep. Come to find out Evan was giving him bottles during those cry outs. But last night, no bottle and only woke once to cry for a few minutes. He's eating baby food 1-2xday now. He seems to like everything we've given him so far. Two lower teeth have popped thru this week. And he has handled them pretty well I'd say. He's a pretty happy, easy going baby. Love you baby G!

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