Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby G is 6 mo old

My baby went for his 6mo appt this week. Here's his stats: 
17.3lbs 45% weight
 26in 30% height
He can sit up, doesn't roll much, laughs, "talks" or babbles, eats puréed baby food, DOES NOT sleep thru the night (sttn)!  We're working on that though. At the doctors request we've moved him out of our room and into the office. Apparently G is "comfort nursing" he's not necessarily hungry, just really attached to momma.  Last night was our first night trying this. He cried for 40 min. I would go soothe him after 10 min. He then cried 4x thru the entire night. Ev soothed him the first two times and gave him a bottle -which we need to break him if that eventually too. (Baby steps...). The last 2x he cried out he soothed himself. 
I'm sorta sad bc he's my baby and suddenly that newborness is no-more. And soon he won't need me as much. Breaks my heart. But it is exciting to see him changing and growing, doing new things each week. The change is so rapid at this age. 
And on a great note, I made it to 6 mo breast feeding! My goal is 12 mo so  halfway there!  With Cade I only lasted 6 mo. Lil caders got teeth early and that was the end of that. So hopefully my pump holds out on me!!
A bc it wouldn't be right to make a blog post without pics, here ya go!

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