Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ahhh Couponing success!

As you know the past few weeks I have really been doing my homework and trying to save money using coupons and sales. Today I had my most successful trip to date! I clipped some coupons and shopped the sales at Safeway today. My receipt shows I save 54%!
For a whopping $35 I got the following:
4 boxes of name brand cereal .74 each they doubled my coupon here.
4 cans of Progressive soup-.92 each
2 bag of chex mix .50 each
5 Frozen meal items 2.00 each
frozen item-free
1 bag of goldfish-.30 they doubled my mfg coupon here!
cranberry juice BOGO 3.99
Ketchup-regular price:( but what can you do when you need Ketchup you need Ketchup)
Card Savings: 33.56
Paper Coupons 5.87
Multiplied coupons 1.35
Total Savings 40.78 or 54%
Woo hoo so it couponing really can work. Just shop the sales, and keep your monthly sale flyers along with coupon inserts and do your homework.
My two fav sites for ideas on savings are and
check 'em out and get saving yourself.
That along with my fruits and veggies and meat sale buys last week I am still on track to a lower weekly grocery bill!! Last week I spent $50, this week so far $40 I used to spend about $100 + a week! woo hoo.

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