Monday, August 15, 2011

nap time craft time-DIY canvas art using numbers

I'm Still in the process of updating Cade's room into a BIG BOY room and made a ton of progress today painting over the existing strip in his room and rearranging his furniture. I decided that along with this ABC canvas we needed one more piece with numbers this time. We've all seen the pottery barn hot ticket item:
While I really love it its not the color I want for his room so I decided to make one myself using the same OJ color as his ABC canvas. I also decided to change it up and make it amongst 3 smaller canvases instead of one big one. It was super duper easy. To start off I used WORD to create my numbers in all diff sizes and fonts. The sizes ranged from 150-400 size font, so really large.  I Printed, and cut them out (don't worry the cutting doesn't have to be perfect bc you will be painting over it).  Once I got my numbers cut out I arranged them on my 3 small canvases some of the numbers even off the edge of one canvas and onto the other.  I then traced the numbers onto the canvas, painting in a variety of colors to match the ABC canvas.  Once it was dry I used some sand paper to "rough it up" and you're done!

(sorry my pics are blurry) 
This project was FREE bc I reused the canvas which used to hold Cade's initials for his room. What a great educational piece, yet super trendy and cute.

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