Monday, August 15, 2011

Cade's Big Boy Room!

Now that Cade is 2, it was time to revamp his room. You have probably seen in the past my posts about making items here and there for his new BIG BOY ROOM, well here is the big reveal! I know most people do a big boy bed around this age but we are rockin the crib until he figures out how to get out of it which I don't see happening anytime soon!

I started off painting over the exisiting pastel green stripe that was at the top of his room. I think getting rid of it makes the room feel taller, larger.

Next I rearranged his furniture, which I think really opened up the space more. I gave the room a nice deep clean too! Can you say spider webs, yucky! I pulled out unnecessary items like a large lamp and boxes of clothes that no longer fit him. It's amazing how new and fresh a room can feel just by rearranging things, so don't be afraid to switch it up!

I slowly started to get rid of the pastel colored items in his room by either repainting them or dying them. I dyed the bed skirt like I dyed his camera t-shirt. Super easy and cheap.

 This is the book sling that I made using existing fabric that I had on hand to tie in the other items with this fabric in his room.

bookshelf with numbers above

This is prior to me adding the yellow ball detail to the curtains.

I had an exisiting blank canvas on hand and created his name plaque piece using left over chip board pieces and added a slight funk by offsetting one of his letters "E" to the side. Its simple and clean and cute. I hung this above his changing table aka in the closet where the changing table is, I never photograph it bc its an eye sore with all the clothes etc.

I repurposed the orange paper lanterns from his bday party to use as decor in the corner of his room. I think its cute and adds a much needed POP of color.

Don't forgot the ABC and 123 canvases that were created to match his new room.

I also added new ribbon detail to the pillow on his chair in his room. I'm not 100% crazy about the chair matching his room and its a bit girly but we need a chair in there so the only way to man it up was to add some nice red stripped ribbon to the pillow. I cannot bare to get rid of the chair since I recovered it myself when I was pregnant. I think the entire chair project cost me $40.
 And tonight I made a fabric book sling to hang on the wall. I realize now why its better to do them LONGER bc its a very narrow opening so we only have a few BIG books in there. i was hoping to free up some of the space on his actual bookshelf. oh well, it still turned out well.  I cheated and did the NO-SEW option by using a iron on adhesive tape. It works just as well!
sorry that the pics are all blurry again, you must not believe that I am really a photographer too. ha ha.
 A patch from the tour de fat this year, I just thought it was funny!
This looks perfect above his turquoise blue ottoman, i found it on line for free, just printed it at home and used existing fabric for the background to frame it.

Cade loves his big boy room! Love you baby.

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  1. It is so cute! Love the DIY art and the pops of orange! :)