Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brotherly love

Friday we took Cade to children's hospital for a neuro psych eval for his ACC (a genesis of the corpus callosum). It sounds worse than it actually was.  Walking into children's I'm always reminded of all the other families who are suffering, worried to the bone about the well being and health of their children. We are not alone. While Cade's general health is fantastic his ACC is the underlying issue at hand. And it may not be obvious from looking at him on the outside that he does have a condition, and we worry. Everyone has their own battles, their own story. 
After 3.5 hrs of "testing" aka playing with Cade in a secluded room we learned exactly what we already knew and had hoped for. Despite having ACC Cade was your typical 4 yr old boy. His ability to learn, focus on tasks, follow instructions and speak were exactly where they should be. The primary focus for us will be to work on letter and number recognition and repetition. 
My lil superstar boy did great. Never once was he hesitant to leave us to go test and on the way home he said "Mom, I had fun at my Drs appt!"
My mom watched baby G for us while we were at children's and then Ev and I had an evening out with friends! Followed by pumpkin patch on Saturday, carving pumpkins and family photos on Sunday and few other photoshoots as well. 
We did a fun Halloween mask photo. I'll be sure to post the REAL pics soon though. 

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