Friday, November 1, 2013

A side of me

I was inspired by this title by another blogger but decided on totally different content was better suited for moi. 
My husband pointed out to me that I'm no longer "carefree carebear". The more I think about that the more it saddens me bc I realize he's right!  I don't show that side of me enough anymore. Suddenly, having a hubby, two kids, two jobs, a house, a dog and all of life's other responsibilities I've become too wrapped up in being responsible and well, boring? So I'm going to TRY my best to be more if that carefree carebear we all knew and loved. 
Heck, the mounds of laundry and dust bunnies in the corner will always be there tomorrow won't they? 
With Halloween come and gone now I gave it my best effort to dress up, be silly and have FUN. Here's a segment of photos from the past few weeks 
Fail- I did not win the contest at work for this lil number! 
Thought of my Dad this morning as I dressed Garris in this airplane onesie. 
Time to get back on the wagon of eating clean for Nov. At least until turkey day- gobble gobble. 
And then this happened. My lil boy had his first school pictures. We couldn't be any happier with how they turned out. My lil boy turned lil man!
Family photos!!!! Taken in the same spot as last years but this time Garris was outside of my belly!
And that's, that! Try to let this be a reminder to "let it go" and find your own "carefree carebear" side of you. 

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