Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dressing up the curtains:

I guess I'm on a roll with updating our curtains here at the Beauprez home. While I was shopping at Joann's tonight to do the bold wide striped curtains in our bedroom I ran across this pom-pom trim in vibrant YELLOW for Cade's room.  I recalled seeing on an HGTV show how they added this detail to a baby's nursery for some added color and detail. I really wanted this turquoise color to match his ottoman and BOYS sign in his room but oh well. They didn't have enough turquoise so I opted for Yellow. I tried using the no stitch fabric glue but it didn't hold up so well w/out me standing there holding the trim up for 20 minutes. So I opted for my BFF, my hot glue gun.  Within 10 minutes I had these adorable trim curtains in Cade's room:

this is what the backside looks like: 
 I had already added the black ribbon detail to the bottom of the curtain before he was a baby so I left that there

Cade approves and likes it too:

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